Flute Scherzo for Solo Organ

Flute Scherzo

Solo Organ


To order, contact me at hocket [at] gmail.com with the number of copies you intend to print, and I’ll send you the .pdf and payment information.

Here’s a youtube clip:


Two Pieces for Solo Organ

Here are two organ solo pieces I finished this year:

Aria and Dance

For Solo Organ

135 measures

A soaring solo melody gives way to a multimeter dance in the middle section, before returning to the aria and ending with a tag.




Trumpet Tune in E-flat

For Solo Organ

161 measures

Somewhat like David Johnson’s music in its main theme, this piece, in rondo form, breaks into a difficult scherzo in the B section and a flute aria in the C section, giving it diverse means of expression.




Email me at hocket [at] gmail [dot] com, with the selections you’d like to buy, along with the number of copies you will print out, and I’ll send you an invoice, along with my address so you can mail a check. I’ll deliver the composition in PDF.